LSB Renovations was contracted for a renovation job consisting of removing and laying new flooring, painting walls and ceilings, installing frames and new doors.  The workmanship, craftsmanship and professionalism truly shows in their work.  In addition to their dependability in completing the project within the promised deadline, they never hesitated to fix the extra little things or advise on other suggestions that were very helpful.  Their pleasant, well-mannered, friendly personalities are also an asset.

LSB Renovations Inc. truly made this a wonderful experience and in result, we truly admire their work and have enjoyed our renovations.  We hold LSB Renovations and their work in the highest regard and we would definitely use their services again as well as recommend them to anyone we know, for any job, big or small.

A well satisfied customer,

A. DiDonato

Concord,  ON

I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife and I, to thank you for the excellent work that you did renovating our bathroom.  We really appreciate the fact that you were able to complete all of the work in such a professional manner given the restricted time frame.

As a background, we hired LSB Renovations Inc. to completely gut and renovate our bathroom.  We live in an older home (approximately 65 years old) and we only have the one bathroom, therefore, the work had to be completed during our holiday so that it was ready for use upon our return.  Given the age of our home, our walls and floors are not completely level or straight and we were tremendously pleased with the final results of your work.  We were impressed with the fact that although you ran into unknown obstacles (thick layers of cement behind the walls that needed to be removed and cement under the tile floor) you did the work and only charged us according to your quote.

We also found your suggestions and guidance during the planning stages very helpful in helping us picture what the final result would look like.  As we were not here during the renovations, we ended up leaving quite a bit of latitude in your hands as many of the suggestions were dependent on what was found behind the walls during the tear down.  We were both very pleased with the decisions that you made and the final appearance of our bathroom. 

You are to be congratulated on your work.  Please feel free to use this letter as a reflection of your work.  I would be pleased to speak to anyone that is looking to hear from one of your satisfied customers.

Once again, thank you.


R. Fillion

Toronto,  ON

I would like you thank you for the excellent service that you provided to me at two of the homes that I have.  You rebuilt the shower in the house in Guildwood Village since we were having so many leaking problems into the clothes closet.  The tenants there are very happy with the work and the bathroom looks wonderful.  The work was completed efficiently as scheduled.

Thank you for renovating  the complete bathroom in the East York home.  I know there was some unexpected issues, but you dealt with these concerns appropriately.  The bathroom is now insulated and looks fabulous.

I feel your pricing was fair and competitive and found you to be a very reliable and trustworthy person to work with.

I will definitely refer you to anyone who is considering any home renovations.

Your Truly,

E. Dittmer

Toronto,  ON

Many thanks for superbly transforming a dreary basement into one that has totally surpassed our expectations.  Our friends and relatives have commented on the finished basement as being a great piece of work.  Your professionalism and attention to achieve the perfection expected by a customer comes through in your planning, input and finishing.

The work was completed on schedule, exactly as you had advised due to your dedication and punctuality by starting at 7:15am ever weekday morning.  Your reliability, honesty and hard working ethics are traits we have not experienced with any other contractor.  Your input from years of being in the industry certainly helped us making the right choices with respect to colours, lighting and especially the awesome ceiling.  This was truly value for money.

We now have no need for the Yellow Pages and will always keep your contact details at hand for all future renovation work.  We highly recommend you and would not hesitate to give our personal endorsement to any future potential customers of LSB Renovations Inc.

Once again, please accept our very sincere thanks and appreciation.

D. Mistry

Richmond Hill,  ON

Dear Luis:

Thank you again for another job well done. I appreciate the great work you have done for me in the past and my latest renovations at Collingsbrook.  The purpose of this letter is to provide you with a letter of recommendation that I trust will be helpful in giving your future clients the confidence and assurance in your workmanship that I have from my experience with you.

There are many contractors out there that promise a lot and produce very little. In the last six years I have done quite a bit of renovations and as a result I have dealt with five different contractors including one of my brothers; all of which has been simply disastrous.  Last year a friend recommended Luis to me. I hired him to completely renovate the basement, including laundry room and bathroom. I was relieved to finally have a contractor that I am eager and glad to recommend to anyone.

These are the things that I admire about Luis and his workmanship:

  1. 1.The price that Luis quotes for the renovations does not increase as the job goes on. Some contractors come in at low price and when they realize halfway through the job that they underestimated the workload or level of difficulty – they will inform you that they will require additional funds.  Luis’s price is competitive, fair and stays consistent from his quote to the completion of the job.

  2. 2.When he commits to taking on your job, he gives you an estimated time of completion and he will not take on another job within the time he has promised you. He will let the next client know that he is available at the end of his present commitment. This is such an important and rare quality! Other contractors will take on more than one jobs because of the deposits they can collect, as a result your job is neglected and delayed because they are going back and forth between multiple clients.  Luis is on the job consistently from start to finish, eight hours a day five days a week and he works hard and diligently until the job is complete.

  3. 3.Unlike no other contractor I have ever know, Luis is accommodating and always has a pleasant, friendly attitude. When my extremely fussy husband noticed that one of the walls to our newly built bathroom was off by maybe a half of an inch (no one else would notice and it was because the existing outside wall was not straight) my husband asked Luis to redo the wall. We were both very surprised of Luis’s attitude! He took the wall down and rebuilt it and never showed any resentment or displeasure towards us. He continued to treat us with respect and kind friendliness. We have had other contractors walk away from the job at this point.  This is a quality that is difficult to find in this line of work and I believe that puts Luis in a league of his own.

  4. 4.Luis takes pride is his work and you can bank on the fact that when it’s all done you will not be able to find any fault in the finished product. So often after a contractor leaves our place we are constantly talking about all the mistakes and pointing out all the repairs that we have to make to the poor workmanship.  The work that Luis does lasts and always looks beautiful.

I am happy to recommend Luis and am confident that you will be pleased with his work. Luis is a man with great work ethics and integrity; He is diligent, consistent, and fair and has a really happy personality.

Thanks again Luis and I look forward to working with you in the future.



  1. L.Armstrong

Toronto, ON